Our series of interviews will give you a good idea about what to expect from the meeting. You will also hear renowned urologists share their opinions and insights on many of the topics scheduled for discussion at this unique event.

Stem cells: implications for onco-urology

In this interview, Prof. Norman Maitland discusses the current directions of stem cell research and how these investigations deepen the understanding of urological cancer. Maitland maintains that scientists are now re-thinking much of tumour biology, as the normal rules do not apply in the stem cell compartment.

Lessons learnt in chemotherapy

In this interview, Prof. Hans-Joachim Schmoll (Germany) discusses the remaining challenges in the treatment of seminoma patients, and how these challenges relate to improving long-term morbidities. He also details the take-home messages from his lecture at the upcoming 3rd EMUC.

Testicular Cancer: Is it time to reconsider?

In this interview, Prof. Alan Horwich of the Royal Marsden hospital in Sutton, UK, discusses the changing landscape in the field of testicular cancer management and the significance of this change in a multidisciplinary context.

MiRNAs: a key to personalised cancer therapy?

In this interview, Prof. Susanne Osanto, from the University of Leiden Medical Centre, discusses the immense potential of MicroRNA's in the management of urological cancer. She touches upon the current challenges in the field and details the work that still needs to be done to put this break-through knowledge into clinical application.

NMIBC: What have we learnt since 2009?

In this interview, Dr. Theo De Reijke discusses several key points of the lecture he is presenting at the upcoming 3rd EMUC. He mentions the new data which has become available in the last two years and how this affects the clinical practice of a multidisciplinary team working in onco-urology.